Last Day

The Kickstarter Campaign is now on its last day!

If you want to back the game and have not done yet, then please do so now.

We are currently 82% funded.

Backstory Video

There is now a 6-minute video showing a short version of the background story:

“Density” Card Image

Our artist, Diego Sanchez, has finished the next image. This will be used for the Density domination card. It depicts a city of a technologically advanced, service-to-others oriented civilization:

Interview about Development of Game

There was a detailed interview with the gaming website Polyhedron Collider in which I answered some questions about the development and design of the game:


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February 2020 Newsletter ⋆ Galactic Era · 27.02.2020 at 12:47

[…] the wooden discs for the population. It’s a small scifi-city (from the Density card image, see December newsletter). The miniatures are the same size as the discs and are also […]

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