German Rules Explanation

Regelerklärung und vollständige Partie:

Regelerklärung und erster Eindruck:

Galactic Era one of top 3 hidden gems of 2021 on this show with Rahdo


Kickstarter campaign trailer:


In this 9-minute preview, Bower’s Game Corner shows some components and explains what excites him the most about this game:

Explaining the effects of sectors in the game:

Brief video of Galactic Era prototype at Origins 2019:

Showing prototype (part 1):

Showing Prototype (part 2):


Interview by James from the Board Game Binge podcast:

Interview by Brettspiel-News.de with Channing (in German):

Interview/Talk with Boardgame Digger (in German):


Baker Odom of the Bored Online? channel plays a solo game (two parts):

Marco Cervone plays some rounds by himself whilst explaining how the game works:

2-player playthrough with Channing and Marco Pil (note: a 2-player game has a few different rules):

Solo variant playthough by Channing:

3-player playthrough by Meeplegamers (video starts about 30 minutes into the session):