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This is a detailed explanation of the reasons and background information on the various rules and features of the game of Galactic Era. Nearly all of these are based upon what certain researchers, whistle-blowers, witnesses and believers of spiritual, extraterrestrial and UFO phenomena have claimed. For the purpose of this story they are assumed to be accurate.

Game Story Arc

The most fundamental property of the Universe is “consciousness”. This means the Universe as a whole is one conscious, living being. People have given this being many names such as “Source” or “Creator”.

Source creates through a great cycle of time, which also is repeated fractally by the individual galaxy and even individual planets.

This is the main story arc of the game. The cycle is split up into three distinct eras for game simplicity.

Source as depicted by: voidvisuals.com

Initially everything is one with Source. Then things slowly get separated, and start becoming material. At first, everything is still at a very high vibration, close to Source, thus it is an “Era of Light”

Then everything slowly gets more dense and gets more separate from Source. The “Era of Darkness” begins where beings believe that they are actually separate. This time is also described in mystical traditions as the “Iron Age” or “Kali Yuga”. It is the time where beings of darkness thrive the most.

After passing though the point of maximum separation, the return journey begins. Everything starts increasing in frequency again. The second and final “Era of Light” begins, after which the reunification with Source happens.

Experiential knowledge is the ultimate goal and desire of creation.

That is why having population is one of the important ways to score in the game and also why aligning with the current era gives you extra points.

The Galaxy

The galaxy is an intelligent entity with its own personality (as are stars and planets). It determines the spiritual path and archetypes individuals living in it shall journey through over their many lives. Some galaxies are strictly neutral with regards to alignment, while others, like ours, have a slight preference for “service-to-others”.

This is why there are different galactic stories and goals in the game.

Galactic History

Life is very common in the Universe. Nearly every place where life can evolve it happens. About 30% of the stars in our galaxy have planets and 10% of these are inhabited. This means there are millions of civilizations in the Galaxy.

Many millions of years ago of the “Dracos” came into being on a planet in the star system “Alpha Draconis”. They are a physically and mentally superior species. Thus they have no need to respect others. Their spiritual template is that of “service-to-self”. They subjugated many planets in the Galaxy. They created a vast empire spanning many worlds and species including many human types.

Around the same time the first humans evolved in the star system of Lyra. Their spiritual template is more of the “service-to-others” kind. Soon a great Galactic war broke out between the Draco Empire and the Lyran humans, which lasted a long time.

This is the “Galactic Wars” story tile included in the game.

Solar System History

A group of giant humanoids fled into the Solar System while being chased by the Dracos, who were their mortal enemies. These people, having fought the Dracos for a long time, had become susceptible to negativity.

Are the Progenitors the mysterious ancient builder race?

Some of them settled on a planet called “Maldek” in an orbit where the asteroid belt is now. Soon they came under the influence of the Dracos though and gradually became more warlike. Finally, about 500,000 years ago, they created a weapon so powerful that it broke up their planet into many pieces, and it thus became the asteroid belt.

When the planet Maldek was destroyed some of the Progenitors escaped to Mars and the Moon.

Mars was inhabited by humans and had also developed a space faring civilization. They also became warlike and authoritarian under the influence of the Dracos. Finally, about 100,000 years ago a great calamity, triggered by a nuclear war, happened which caused Mars to become uninhabitable. Some of the Martians fled to Earth and founded a civilization known as “Atlantis” which was located in Antarctica, having a more temperate climate then.

There were also other humans who had inhabited Earth beforehand. One of these civilizations was known as “Lemuria” or simply “Mu”, which was very light-oriented. For some time Atlantis and Lemuria co-existed peacefully, but later on they also fought wars against each other. Finally, Lemuria went under and there was only Atlantis and some other civilizations left, notably Hyberborea and Ancient Vedic India. These civilizations also fought each other using nuclear weapons. Atlantis was initially more light-oriented but became darker as the millennia passed. The final stage was the darkest which also caused its downfall around 12,000 to 25,000 years ago. At the end a pole shift caused Earth’s axis to change, bringing Antarctica into the cold polar region it is now.


Law of One by llresearch.org

The basic idea – as already mentioned above – is that everything is one being, which has split itself up into separate beings to create an experience. Then gradually these beings increase their consciousness to evolve back to the whole again. There are various stages of evolution of consciousness back to the whole. One stage, which is called “third density” is where people believe they are separate beings. At the next higher level, the “fourth density”, the being realizes that everything is interconnected. There are two paths to this level, though, one is the negative or “service-to-self” path and the other is the positive or “service-to-others” path. Each being who wants to evolve to fourth density must choose one or the other path. After this density come the fifth to seventh and even higher densities. At around the fifth density all negative beings, realizing that everything is indeed one being, must switch their alignment to the positive side.

The game reflects this in the Spirituality technology field, by which a player must switch to STO at levels 5 and 6.

Planetary populations have the choice and the potential to take either path, so every star people in the game can be played either light- or darkness-oriented.

A planetary population that has polarized as “service-to-others” can create a utopian world.



Every intelligent species can develop what is known as paranormal, psychic or PSI abilities through personal, spiritual growth or when researching the higher planes of existence. “Remote viewing” is a psychic technique that can be learned. It allows a person to see places and events that are far away or even in the past or future. This works because everything in space and time, both past and future, is part of a single point of existence in higher dimensions, also known as the Universal Mind.

Information can thus be exchanged with psychic abilities, regardless of distance.

The “trading without contact” feature of the Spirituality technology reflects this.

Psychotronic weaponry can also be used to keep a planetary population suppressed, by controlling their beliefs. This is only used by negative beings though as positive beings respect the free will of others.

Once people are very developed spirituality they have such a high vibration, that they cannot be affected by lower vibrations, i.e. negative influences, anymore.

The advantages at Spirituality levels 5 and 6 reflect these ideas.


There are various modes of super-luminous travel, which allow you to reach the stars. A warp drive circumvents the speed of light barrier by not actually traveling though space. Instead the distance to the target is shortened by warping the space/time field. Another method is using “tachyons” which are inherently faster than light.

This is the normal method of moving ships in the game.

Another method of traveling is using “stargates”, which is actually of two kinds. One is flying through a star and using it as a portal to another star. A different kind of teleportation has also been developed, simply known as “jump rooms”. They are used shuttle people and materials between established bases at different star systems.

With various levels in Propulsion in the game you get these methods of moving ships and population.

The final most advanced method of travel is where you can go anywhere you like without restrictions. It is only available to the most advanced extraterrestrials. This method of travel has to do with the non-local aspect of the Universe as described by Quantum Physics. By matching your “frequency” with that of your desired destination you can simply appear there.

This is the ability you get at Propulsion level 6 in the game.


More highly developed robotics obviously allows you to produce more things more efficiently. At higher levels though, artificial intelligence even becomes possible.

This is reflected in the game in that you can research multiple technology fields at levels 5 and 6 of Robotics.

There is a significant danger though when using artificial intelligence. Many civilizations in the Galaxy who developed artificial intelligence were eventually attacked and even eliminated by their own creations. For this reason people normally use artificial intelligence very carefully, taking care to isolate them during use and switching them off afterwards.

A pyramid made by the ancient builder race protects a more recently built city on Mars.


Many extraterrestrials highly value and are highly skilled in Genetics. They often use this to enhance their own species. Several of these have also made modifications to the human genome in the last 200,000 years or so, thus making half of human DNA to be of extraterrestrial origin.

The Dracos have used genetic engineering to improve their own DNA to the point at which they have become very powerful individuals, including great strength, bulletproof scales and powerful psychic abilities.

The importance of Genetics is reflected in the game in that it allows players to grow their population a lot more easily thus scoring many points.

Star Peoples

the standard template for sentient life

Life forms on other planets are often quite similar to the animals and plants on Earth. These are standard templates that the evolution of life often follows. People evolve from the species that became the dominant one on their planet. The universal standard is that the dominant, intelligent species on a planet develops into a bipedal humanoid form. This means a head with two eyes, an upright torso, two legs and two arms and hands. The number of fingers on each hand can vary between three and six, with five being very common. The head usually retains most of the characteristics of the original species they evolved from. The size can vary between a few centimeters and 30 meters in the most extreme cases but most people are bit more than 1 meter tall. Color can vary a lot. There are blue, red, green, and orange humanoids (usually a pastel shade of those colors).

Some people have evolved from birds, cats, fish, reptiles, ants and even plants and crystals. By far the most common form in the Galaxy though is the human form, accounting for a significant percentage of the intelligent species.

Alliance of Light

Various light-oriented species and groups in the Galaxy that are cooperating give themselves this name, though there actually is no formal organization. They seek to increase the general level of love and light in the Galaxy through subtle means.

Alliance of Darkness

This the label given to some of the darkness-oriented tactical alliances that have existed in the Galaxy. Despite the advantages of cooperation, they still betray each other occasionally. Even so, they are one of the most powerful opponents of the forces of light.

Anchara Coalition

The Anchara Coalition is an extra-dimensional alliance that was darkness-oriented until very recently at which point they switched their alignment to the light side. This alliance also acted very treacherously during the Galactic Wars.


The Annunaki are reptilian-like humanoids which came to Earth about 200,000 years ago. They ruled as gods over some early human civilizations in the Middle East and Africa and taught them basic technologies. They are one of the people modifying human DNA.

Their home planet orbits a brown dwarf star which is the (failed) binary star counterpart to the sun. This brown dwarf, also known as Nibiru or Nemesis, orbits the sun at a great distance with an orbital period of about 26,000 years. This is approximately the same duration as the precession of the equinoxes which plays an important role in the evolution of Earth.


Avians are bird-like blue humanoids who visited Earth in ancient Egypt, where they were held in high regard. Artists depicted them as the god “Ra”. They are very advanced spiritually and brought teachings that became the basis of the ancient Egyptian mystery schools. They are a very old race, claiming to be billions of years old and originating from the local star cluster. They have recently returned to the Solar System to assist humanity in taking a positive path of development.


The Dracos are fearsome people and have ruled over many planets in the Galaxy. In the early days of their empire they scoured the Galaxy searching for other reptilian people. As master geneticists they were able to take the best DNA they found among these and incorporate it into their own. As a result, they are extremely strong, have armored skin and great psychic abilities. They are considered to be the “ultimate warriors”. Despite this, they have been cornered into this part of the Galaxy now by the light-oriented forces and their power is waning. They are working with all the other negative groups that are in the Solar System to regain their power.


These feline-like humanoids are very loving, light-oriented people. The negative forces see them as such a threat that they have issued “capture-or-kill” orders on sight for their operatives that meet them. As a result they have developed a mysterious ability to disappear in an instant.

Galactic Confederation

This is another large, federation-style alliance of light-oriented groups. This even includes peoples from the Andromeda galaxy. They are organized into many councils, that are located in well-protected space/time bubbles. One of their councils is supporting the development of Earth to become a positive civilization. There already are secret representatives from Earth that have a seat on that council.


There are actually numerous extraterrestrials of the “Grey” phenotype. That is, a pale skin, pointed chin and large, black eyes. People like these crashed at Roswell in 1947. They come from the star system Zeta Reticuli. There are many reports of them abducting humans. They are taking human DNA to mix it with their own to save their own people from genetic deterioration.


The Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate is a covert space program which was formed by the various aerospace and defense corporations starting in the 1950s as part of the U.S. Military-Industrial complex. Using back-engineered extraterrestrial technology and ancient esoteric knowledge they developed and built the technology being used by the black projects of the U.S. military and other covert space programs. They are under control of the Earth Cabal. They have many bases throughout the Solar System, including some on Mars. They have regular contact and trade with 900 extraterrestrial groups. They are considered to have some of the best technology in the Galaxy now.


There are also insect-type humanoids, who are a very rational people. They are some of the best geneticists in the Galaxy. A few of them have even volunteered to work with deep black projects of the US government to assist in this field. Other mantids are part of the Draco empire and have had settlements on Mars.

Orion Empire

The Orion Empire is a negative, Galaxy-wide hierarchy, which includes reptilians, insectoids and many human-type peoples. They have highly developed the ability to enslave planetary populations using mind control. The methods they use are the subversion of influential persons, governments, science and media. Additionally to that they poison the food these people eat, spray compounds into their atmosphere and emit certain electromagnetic waves, which all supports the mind control effect. This is a very effective method of control since the people are usually completely unaware that they are enslaved.


Some extraterrestrials look very much like humans from northern Europe, that is with pale skin, blonde hair and blue eyes. Some of these come from the Pleiades star cluster, calling themselves “Plejars”. They contacted the US government in the 1950s offering technological assistance if the US would give up its nuclear weapons. Their offer was turned down. They helped both NASA and the U.S. military covert space program anyway. Their aim was to get the US military program technologically advanced enough to help them fight the Dracos. Many people in the US black projects claim though that the Plejars are “tricksters” and actually have dark aims.


The Progenitors are a group of very large humanoids with elongated skulls that lived in hollowed-out asteroids and moons a long time ago. They are said to be the first humans to have colonized the Solar System. The remains of their underground bases are to be found in many places to this day. Some of them were very negative beings, due to the long time they spent in artificial environments. They were fleeing from their enemies when they crash-landed in Antarctica about 100,000 years ago. They then rebuilt their civilization and ruled over many of the native humans on Earth. Their civilization was almost completely destroyed in a great deluge at the end of the last ice age though.

Rogue AI

When a species develops an AI and becomes dependent on it, the AI will often exterminate its own creators after a while. This is a danger many are aware of. They do not necessarily have to be darkness-oriented though as some have become light-oriented and even ascended into higher dimensions.


Yowies are intelligent primates that have been reported all over the world under various names such as Yeti or Sasquatch. They are actually extraterrestial people that came to Earth about 2 million years ago. These beings have highly developed psychic abilities and can teleport themselves around. They use this to avoid being discovered.


Nearly all of the stars shown in the game have played some role in the Galactic history or are the home of some extraterrestrial species.

Scared geometry is the basis of Creation.


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