Here are some combinations of Galactic Story & Goal that complement each other in a certain way, creating a very focused game. This means a certain strategy or aspect of the game will be highly rewarding as opposed to more diverse strategies. I recommend this for players who seek an especially challenging and competitive game.

Galactic Story + Galactic Goal

Journeys + Discovery:
This will encourage a lot of traveling around the map in a competitive way.

Journeys + Presence:
This will also encourage a lot of traveling around the map but in a more confrontational way.

Journeys + Cooperation:
This will encourage early contact and trading.

Wars + Power:
Production and destruction of ships will be very important in this game.

Migrations + Control:
It will be very lucrative to take other another player’s home star during the Era of Darkness.

Rivalry + Legacy:
Almost all stars in the center sector will be very important, both for the additional technology levels and for control at game end.