You can download the rules here:

Download English rules (PDF, ~7 MB)

Download German rules (PDF, ~7 MB)

Download Dutch rules (PDF, ~5 MB)

Improved 2-player variant (in development):

Download Passive Automa Variant for 2 Players

Solo variant:

Download solo variant rules (PDF, ~0.5 MB)

Download solo variant rules in German (PDF, ~1 MB)

Download solo variant rules in Dutch (PDF, ~0.5 MB)

For recording your solo plays:




Here are some strategy guides:

Fleet Operations Guide

Turn Order Strategy Guide


We will also be publishing future expansions of Galactic Era here.


Here is an explanation of the rules in a video:

here a rules explanation in German (first hour):

and some strategy tips:

Here are the solo variant rules:

If you want to know more about the development process of Galactic Era, you can read this interview: