This page lists all the reviews of Galactic Era I have found. If you know of any review not in this list, please contact me.

Polyhedron Collider logoThe UK gaming blog/podcast called “Polyhedron Collider” visited my stand at the 2019 UK Games Expo to play the game and then made this brief report on their experience:…

(scroll a bit down to the second game in the list)

Die Rollin, a board game feed from the UK, made a preview of an early prototype copy of the game:

The German boardgame news website Brettspiel-News played a session of Galactic Era, and this is their detailed report on that (in German):

“I had the fortune to play this very outstanding space exploration game. While the tiles look similar to Gaia Project, it is a completely different experience. I really enjoyed that there are multiple tactics to earn points: peaceful exploration, growth and warfare are pretty balanced and there is no dice luck involved. Playing the Avians and starting on a home star sector, which already gave +1 Spirituality I decided to start with an additional Robotics skill point instead. Nonetheless, I lost the game, but only very close. All in all this is a very recommendable masterpiece. ”

Marius Spix –


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