This page lists all the reviews of Galactic Era I have found. If you know of any review not in this list, please contact me.

Dein Abenteuer im Weltraum beginnt! – Galactic Era von Seajay Games (Rezension)


Here is an outline (bullet point review) by Andre:


Here is the same review in text form with more details:

Galactic Era SOLO review – a great 4X experience

Here is a review by Mark Iradian from the gaming website Meeple Mountain:

Galactic Era Game Review

Here is a review from the YT channel “Shelfside”:

https://www.shelfside.co/reviews-2022/galacticera-review (text version)

Here a video review in Spanish:

Here is a text review in German from the gaming website Brettspiel-News:

Here is a review video in French:

Here is a short review in French by the game website Vin d’Jeu:

Galactic Era

Here is a long, written review in Polish (use a translation site to read).

Here is a short presentation in German:

Galactic Era

Here is preview video in Polish by the channel Gram Tadam:

Here is a summary of what the presenter has to say about the game:

He has great praise for the game and says it is very well thought out and really great. He likes it very much that every game will be different, depending on which variant you choose, you have to use different tactics and strategies, he speaks of fighting and aggressive games or a milder variant. He really appreciates that the cards are very well explained with all symbols, graphics and icons and that you know what to expect. He likes it very much that the winner also has to lose a lot of ships, so it’s realistic overall. So overall he praises the game in the highest tones and encourages people to support it until Sunday. The only minus point he mentions is that the game is not in Polish and you have to be very good at English to understand the rules.

Here is a review on the largest Italian gaming website (in Italian):


Here is a preview video by Unfiltered Gamer:

This is a translated excerpt of a German review:

“… So is another game of this kind needed and is there more to Galactic Era than how it first appears? …
No, Galactic Era is not another typical 4X clone similar to Twilight Imperium! Even more so, if you play Galactic Era the way you learned it from its competition, you will only experience half the fun! The really fresh mechanics, like the alignments of the factions, with all their moral consequences, the hidden fleets, which lead to wonderful bluffing and the innovative growth mechanics, together create a package of galactic game fun. However, players have to be willing to conduct conflicts on different levels! Set up growth blocks, change your alignment at the right moment or steal lushly populated planets from your fellow players. Galactic Era wants to be played dynamically. Then a wonderful dance develops around many small, tricky decisions. …”

Christian Jacob – Read the full article in German here or the English translation here.

“… As I was able to convince myself personally, in a game of six players in August 2019 and especially by participating in the forum game on Boardgamegeek (PBF), that this is a very good, finished game for strategists. With a forum game like this, you have more time for your moves and, of course, I dealt with the game more intensively. I hadn’t imagined the PBF to be that exciting. I would like to repeat it again. …
Take a look, for example, at the well-written rules of the game. …”

Walter M. – Read the full post in German here.

This article gives a brief overview of the solo mode of the game:


Polyhedron Collider logoThe UK gaming blog/podcast called “Polyhedron Collider” visited my stand at the 2019 UK Games Expo to play the game and then made this brief report on their experience:


(scroll a bit down to the second game in the list)

The German boardgame news website Brettspiel-News played a session of Galactic Era. This is a translated excerpt of their detailed report:

“… My first impression is quite positive. The game appealed to me, although I usually shy away from longer games. I wanted to finish it, even though I was not winning anymore. … Just the fact that so much stuck with me and how much I heard from the other players shows that the game works well as such. The rounds seem to go by quickly, almost all of what the other players are doing is relevant. There are so many paths to go down. … This is important to know in an asymmetric game and it shows that the meticulous work that the author has invested has definitely paid off. We only scratched the surface and as already emphasized this is only the very first impression of the game. … If you are looking for a space / 4X game with great potential then you should take a closer look at Galactic Era. This is an insider tip for me, which is definitely worth a look and deserves the chance to prove itself on the table.”

Daniel Krause – Read the full report in German here.

“I had the fortune to play this very outstanding space exploration game. While the tiles look similar to Gaia Project, it is a completely different experience. I really enjoyed that there are multiple tactics to earn points: peaceful exploration, growth and warfare are pretty balanced and there is no dice luck involved. Playing the Avians and starting on a home star sector, which already gave +1 Spirituality I decided to start with an additional Robotics skill point instead. Nonetheless, I lost the game, but only very close. All in all this is a very recommendable masterpiece. ”

Marius Spix – https://boardgamegeek.com/article/33161401#33161401

“I have never had a smoother read of a rulebook for a game this complex.”

Joseph Summa (MeepleGamers) made an extensive review:

Galactic Era – Meeplegamers Preview

see also here

Preview: Galactic Era

“We played Galactic Era yesterday in our local gaming club. Channing visited us with two games and we play at two tables.

All people really liked it very much. Tension from start to finish. The game is between Twilight Imperium and Eclipse but much closer to Eclipse.

I would like to make another comparison. For me it feels like Terra Mystica in space with fun. Not like Gaia Project this was no fun for me. The races fit perfectly into the overall system through small changes and allow completely different strategies.

You have to make hard decisions, manage a lack of resources and actions, there are hidden fleet movements, death lasers, planets to discover and neighbors you can love or hate.

The switch between good and bad side is really a game changer. The races almost double in the game and you can turn your strategy around 180° in the game if it seems favorable.

What I have to mention. The game is finished! It’s not a half-cooked project! The rules and iconography are worked out down to the last detail.

The playing time allows to play a 4 player game during the week without any problems.”

Michael G. – https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2320941/galactic-era-first-impressions

Preview by Ryan Schoon from Man vs. Meeple:

Die Rollin, a board game feed from the UK, made a preview of an early prototype copy of the game:


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