Here are links to buy the game in various countries.





















You can also contact your favorite retailer and ask them stock it.

If the game is not available in your country, you can also buy it directly from Seajay Games here (using Paypal):


You can also buy these extras for the game:

Ship Model Upgrade (buy in Germany) (buy in USA)

These ship miniatures are for replacing the ships of the same color in a game of Galactic Era. This way, each player color in the game has its own unique model!


Extra Fleet Holders (buy in Germany) (buy in USA)

These 15 Fleet Holders are in addition to those already included in a Galactic Era game. As a result, there are always enough fleet holders, even when all fleets are in use. This is especially useful for games at high player counts (5-6 players).


2-Player Variant with Passive Automa (buy in Germany) (buy in USA)

This is a printed version of the new 2-player variant (with “passive automa”). You can also download it as a PDF file here.

If buying in Germany, please specify which language version you want (English or German).

Play Online for Free

You can also play Galactic Era using the program “Tabletop Simulator“, click on the image here:


Giddy Gamer · 18.11.2023 at 17:45

You really, really should add the link to board game bliss in your USA/Canada — shipping into Canada (which can be $40 or $50 US), especially with customs processing fees on top of customs fees makes this game unaffordable for most Canadian gamers! I waited over a year for a Canadian store to get it, and think you would sell a lot more if you had a listed retailer in Canada that’s a top 10 (top 5) board game store in Canada.

After all, who wouldn’t want a 4x/civ space game that takes all the bad out of Twilight Imperium and “even gets cats back to the table!” (Forget the game of the year award from “Room and Board”. That’s the best praise I ever heard!)


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[…] There are retail buying links for the game and the add-ons on the website. Go here. […]

January 2023 Newsletter ⋆ Galactic Era · 29.01.2023 at 22:37

[…] In North America, you can buy a print version of the new 2-player variant here, otherwise from the website. […]

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