North America Fulfillment Done

All games and add-ons should have been delivered to backers in North America now (except for 3 backers still missing their add-ons). If you have not received yours yet, please contact me.

Nominations for Golden Geek Awards 2021

Voting for the nominations of the Golden Geek Awards 2021 on BGG has begun. Galactic Era is also one of the games you can vote for.

Go here to cast your vote.

Note that you can vote for multiple categories and multiple games.

Buying Links on Website

There are retail buying links for the game and the add-ons on the website. Go here.

Another Tutorial Video

Here is a tutorial video explaining the rules and giving strategy hints for domination cards. This can be useful for any players who are having trouble fulfilling their domination card during the game.

Handling Domination Cards

Focused Story/Goal Combinations

There are certain combinations of Galactic Story and Goal that provide a more challenging game experience, because of the resulting focus on certain aspects of the game. Read more about them here.

New Designer’s Notes Article

I wrote a new article in my series of designer’s notes. This time an ‘adstory’ (a combination of entertainment and information) that will be published in GAMA’s Around the Table magazine for retailers. You can read it here.

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