December 2023 Newsletter

Latest Reviews https://www.boardseyeview.net/post/galactic-era https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/3168494/manageable-still-epic-4x-space-game https://bordspelwereld.nl/nl/reviews/galactic-era (Dutch)   New Rulebook for PDF Download There is a new PDF version (1.1) of the rulebook available for download. It has the official errata and clarifications integrated into it. For two players, it refers to the new “2-player variant with passive automa” (instead of Read more…

Stand at UKGE 2023

Seajay Games will have at stand (no. 2-384) at the UK Games Expo in Birmingham (June 2-4, 2023). Please come by and visit us there. You will be able to play both “Galactic Era” and a prototype version of “Era of Atlantis” there.

January 2023 Newsletter

Rules Video for 2-Player Variant with Passive Automa https://youtu.be/tCZKdRU64mU Print Versions of 2-Player Variant In North America, you can buy a print version of the new 2-player variant here, otherwise from the website. Additional Player Aids Here are some additional player aids, which are useful for beginners, for printing out Read more…