We are entering the final stretch before the next Kickstarter! The card artwork is done and we only have a few improvements to make for the graphical design plus some work on the new Kickstarter page. I estimate we will launch sometime in late summer. I want to wait until everything is nearly ready before I announce a definitive date though.

Full Solo Variant

The solo variant I’ve been testing turned out to be better than I expected, so I’m declaring it to be a “proper” solo variant. So the official player count for the game is now 1-6. Playing time for the solo variant is slightly less than 2 hours. We will be making a video explaining the variant rules and a full playthrough video.

If you want to check out the solo variant rules yourself now, you can download the PDF.

Game Versions and Prices

Here are the versions of and addons for the game, that I’m planning.

game versions:

  • Kickstarter deluxe: 79€ (all content, 6 player colors, 9 sectors, 15 star peoples, 8 galactic goals plus all stretch goals)
  • Kickstarter basic: 59€ (4 players colors, 7 sectors, 12 star peoples, 6 galactic goals plus all stretch goals)
  • retail version: 99€ MSRP (49€ retailer price) (content same as Kickstarter deluxe!)

All versions will contain the new solo variant in a separate booklet!


  • deluxe content upgrade 10€ (2 sectors, 3 star peoples, 2 galactic goals)
  • 6 player upgrade 10€ (2 player colors: purple & orange)

You can use the above add-ons to upgrade your Kickstarter basic version with the content you want. So you can, for example, take the extra content but not the 2 additional player colors if you think you will never play with five or six players.

The upgrades will also be available separately in retail for 15€ each.

Shipping prices will be the same as in the last Kickstarter campaign.

For US$ prices add 10%.

Artwork Progress

This is the artwork for the Special Scientific card. It shows an STS Mantid genetic scientist doing weird experiments creating animal-human hybrid beings.

Mantid geneticist creating chimera beings.


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