I am excited to announce the date for the Kickstarter relaunch of Galactic Era!

Kickstarter Relaunch

The Kickstarter relaunch date is: Tuesday September 22nd, 2020. The campaign will last until October 25th.

In this campaign we will offer the game at a lower price with more and improved components. This will include:

  • miniatures for spaceships, home stars and population discs
  • a fully playable solo variant
  • improved graphical design for some components (e.g. technology tracks, player reference cards, turn order change counters)
  • a reduced price for the full version
  • the option for a basic version at an even more reduced price (but with less components)

The reduced prices will only be available to the backers of the Kickstarter campaign! After that, the retail price will be significantly higher. The will also be no basic versions available thereafter.

Overview of Strategies

I made a post with overview of the many different strategies that are possible in a game of Galactic Era. Most of these are ones you can concentrate on for the entire game while some just cover certain aspects of the game.



Artwork Showcase

This is the artwork for the Etheric domination card. In Galactic Era there are interstellar clouds full of “etheric” energy, also called vacuum or zero point energy, of higher dimensional origin. This practically limitless supply of energy can be harnessed technologically, which many advanced civilizations do.

visual concept of Etheric energy



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