Production Progress

The factory has informed me, that they intend to finish production by mid-October, in time for the Essen game fair, where I will have a stand (5-E122). We will start sending out the games as soon as we get them. Please note that due to the current shipping container crisis fulfillment outside of Europe will take longer.

Photos of Full Box

In the last update a backer asked for a photo of the mockup will all the components in the box (to see how full it is). As you can see everything fits in the box. Note that there will be even more room in your version than what you see in the photo, because in the mockup the thickness of a large portion of the components was too much. Also, you could take out all the components of one of the two languages, if you don’t need both.

Update Your Address on Gamefound!

If your address has changed since you originally backed the game, then please update your address in the pledge manager (gamefound.com). I will need your correct address by the end of September!


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