The development of the game is progressing nicely. We are still making improvements due to recent playtests. We got a lot of feedback from a group of game authors in southern Germany near the Black Forest. Many thanks to them!

One of the things we are planning to include now is a catchup mechanism whereby a player who is far behind can activate an “emergency reserve” of ships.

Sector “B” Sides

Due to a suggestion from a visitor at the UKGE, the sector tiles will now have a playable back side too. These sector “B” side variants will be similar to the original “A” sides but with the stars differently arranged and more nebula hexes.

Here is an example:

Military Icon Poll

I’m considering making a new icon for the Military technology. “A” is the one currently being used.

Which one do you like the best?

You can send me your choice by sending me an email or by posting in the comments section below or on one of our social media pages.


The next step I’m planning to do is to send prototypes to reviewers. Maybe you can also tell me who you would like to see the game reviewed by?

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Channing · 31.07.2019 at 11:39

The poll result is A:8, B:25, C:25 including all sources of votes, so a tie between B and C. I will probably be going for B because it is better recognizable for what it is.

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