Everyone is invited to join the first Galactic Era contest! Send me your answer via email to the following question by the end of August. I will raffle one winner out of the all the people who send me the correct answer. The winner receives FREE SHIPPING with his or her Kickstarter pledge of Galactic Era (estimated value of $20).

This is the question: How many beings are there in the Galactic Era universe?

You can find out the correct answer with publicly available information or just try guessing it. Everybody only gets one attempt though. Answers within 10% of the actual number will be considered correct.

To participate in this contest you need to be signed up for the newsletter (either for the monthly newsletter or the Kickstarter notification only). The prize is not transferable to other persons nor redeemable for money.

I will announce the answer and the winner (unless he or she wants to remain anonymous) in early September.

Note again that this contest ends August 31st. You are welcome to post this contest on social media, so that your friends can join, too. You can use this link:


More Background Stories

I recently hired a writer who has started to develop some of the characters and write some short stories for the Galactic Era universe. Most of these will be posted on the website. The best ones might be added to the background story booklet to be included in the box.

Besides the entertainment value, these stories should give a you a better idea of how and why the star peoples, technology effects and other game mechanics are the way they are. This will include a long story arc with a surprising revelation at the end!

Game Component Showcase

Here is an example of how a star people tile will look like:

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