Contest Extended!

Since I did not get a correct answer last month, the contest will be extended to the end of September. I’m also increasing the prize to a free copy of the game (including shipping!).

Send me your answer to the following question by September 30th. I will raffle one winner out of the all the people who send me the correct answer. The winner receives a copy of Galactic Era (estimated value of $110) for free (assuming it funds on Kickstarter)!

This is the question: How many beings are there in the Galactic Era universe?

You can find out the correct answer with publicly available information or just try guessing it. Everybody only gets one attempt though. Answers within 10% of the actual number will be considered correct.

Anybody participating in this contest needs to be signed up for the newsletter (with your name and email), either for the monthly newsletter or the Kickstarter notification only. The prize is not transferable to other persons nor redeemable for money. People who have worked for Seajay Games are not eligible to participate.

I will announce the answer and winner in early October.

You are welcome to post this contest on social media, so that your friends can join, too. You can use this link:


Video of Prototype

I’ve made a video where I present a prototype of the game, so you can see how it looks like:

Note that this prototype contains all (nearly) final artwork!

Play-by-Forum Game

Play or watch a game of Galactic Era online through posts on a forum! I’m hosting a demo game of Galactic Era on the BGG forums in this thread:


You don’t need to know the rules beforehand. I will explain what you can do as we go. I will also be the gamemaster and keep track of all hidden information.

If you want to join please make post in the thread. Please note that there is only 1 free playing slot left! You can also play as a team if you like.

Update 2019.09.20:
All playing slots are now taken. I will start another game though if there are enough people interested.

Here is how the setup looks like:

Reviews Booked

We have 4 confirmed sites/channels that will each make a preview or review of the game (most including video):

Man vs. Meeple
Boardgame Revolution
iSlaytheDragon (futurewolfie)

Game Component Showcase

Here are the mysterious “Yowies”, large, intelligent and highly spiritually evolved apes. They came to Earth seeking refuge several million years ago. They have used their psychic powers to keep their presence mostly a secret.

They are the only star people that starts with a technology at level 3 (Spirituality) but also have a significant disadvantage in that they cannot use Robotics.

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