Fulfillment Done for Europe

The packages for Europe and the rest of the World (except Canada and USA) have all been sent out.

All the packages within Europe should have arrived by now. If anybody in Europe has not received their game yet, then please contact me.

The games for the rest of the world (outside of North America) have also all been sent out. They should arrive in a few weeks though, if they have not already.

There is a shipment of games that is currently underway to the USA. The ship already arrived in port a week ago. The games will be delivered to the fulfillment center next.

Ship Model Upgrade

Just to clarify, there are no blue ships in the ship model upgrade. The purpose of this upgrade is to give each color its unique ship model. For blue, you simply use the same ships as in the original box. This still results in every color having its own ship type.


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