Playtesting Options

To playtest the game you have the following possibilities:

1.) Prototype by mail
Ask for a prototype to be sent to you by mail. I currently have only one prototype to send out this way though and only if you are willing to playtest this game 4 times within about 2 months.

2.) Personal visit
I can maybe visit you personally for a session if you live within 100 km of Kleve (Germany). We should be at least 4 players. Please send an email to if you are interested in that option.

3.) Tabletop Simulator
You can play Galactic Era using the program “Tabletop Simulator“, click on the image here:

If you want to play the solo variant with TTS you will also need to use the “Slavers’ Offboard Power Track”, which you can download here. All you need to do is note how many discs are on that track.


I suggest you have a look at the rules, to see if this is the right kind of game for you.

You can download the rules here:

Download rules (PDF, ~3 MB)

Download setup example for 3 players (PDF, ~ 1.3 MB)

Download solo variant rules (PDF, ~1 MB)

Please note any difficulties you encounter when learning the rules. Also please fill out a playtest form for every session you play, including notes on how you and your co-players liked the game and any issues you noticed.

Download playtest form (PDF)


Here is an explanation of rules:

Some strategy tips: